The Book of You - A review

The Book of You, is a creepy thriller about Clarissa and her colleague Rafe.  Rafe is obsessed with Clarissa.  He turns up wherever she is.  He  sends her letters.  He involves himself in her life.  He is relentless.

Clarissa is selected for jury service where she thinks she will be able to evade Rafe.  Hearing the victim stand in court telling a tale of sadism and abuse, Clarissa starts to compare her life to that of the victim and realises her situation with Rafe can only end badly.

I picked up this book in Wh Smith, because the sinister cover caught my eye, and I'm always intrigued by a book part of the Richard and Judy Book Club.

Immediately, the story had me hooked.  The intensity of Clarissa's situation is made known from the first page.  I felt compelled to read on and find out how the situation would end.  Personally, I was disappointed with the ending as I felt it finished to abruptly.  I am a person who likes closure from a book; whether it ends badly or well, and I didn't get that from this book!

I would give it 4/5 stars.  Had the ending been different, it would have been 5.

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