Definition of Family-  A group of people from a common stock,
                                                                 A group of related things 

What does family mean to you?  Where would you be without them?

At times we can overlook our families for various reasons.  Maybe we do not get on all of the time, or see eye to eye.  Maybe we have fallen out with one of the members and not bothered to work out our differences.  Whatever the reason we should always remember that 'family is everything'.

Family is there to catch us when we fall.  To support us when we need to be held up.  To advise us when we do not know where to turn.  An most importantly to love us unconditionally.

There is nothing like the bond between family members, whether its a blood relation or not. 'Family is everything'.  Cherish, love and respect each other.  Tell each other you love one another.  Call up and ask how they're doing.  Don't wait, let them know you are there!

I love my family.  I have promised myself, as I have grown up, to never let any issues come between us.  We are spread out all over the place and do not always see extended members...we have fallen out an not spoken for years...some have moved and lost touch... but the love is still there.  Always will be.  If I cannot bring us all together maybe I can be the link between us all.  The love spreader; the connection; the bridge.

I now realise how important family is after having my own.  Because of that I never want the ties between my little family and our extensions to be broken.... 'family is everything'. 
So I dedicate this to all my family. Whatever part of the world you are in.  Even if you're sitting next to me or at home or have been working hard today to provide for us.  I love you.

Much love, Peachy x

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