Sunshine, Funtime.

The sun is a wonderful thing.  
As I got ready this morning, for no reason at all I felt happy.  Not that this is unusual, but happy without a cause.  What gorgeous weather, I said to myself.  Its the sun.  The sun puts everyone in a good mood.

When I walked down the road this afternoon; not a screw face or angry demeanour in sight.  People who usually spend their lunch times in the staff room ventured out of the shopping centre to get a taste of the sunshine.  Some of whom I swear I have never seen outside the confines of their shops before.  
I got to the train station and the trains were delayed.  Those who were already waiting, offered no commotion.  No uproar.  No protest.  Strange, I know.  I sit on the train and let the journey pass in its on time.  My usual anxiety nowhere to be seen.  I start to write this blog post.
Today I walk serenely to my destination when I get off the train.  Justin Timberlake crooning from my headphones.  Students are strolling to the University with a new found calmness, all sense of urgency evaporated like the bad weather.  I walk past some in typical warm weather clothing.  You know, tees, shorts sleeves, vests.  While others- you wonder if they checked the weather this morning.  But that's okay because people are tentative...first day of real sunshine in London definitely leaves you wondering if it's too good to be true.  Myself included (there's a hoody in my bag).
I see rudeboys boppin with their jeans low, snapback caps on and designer garms on.  You'd think it was a catwalk  not a suburban pavement.  They casually look about as they saunter along.  Probably trying to see if anyone is paying them the attention they feel they deserve.  I get an incredulous look as I walk past at a faster yet even pace.  Yes, some of us have places to be, mate!
Three little birds, sitting on a wall aged about 23 years of age, gawk at me like I am the juiciest worm they have seen all day,  They were possibly seagulls 'cause I'm sure I heard one make a sound like that godawful seagull call.  Charming.  
Anyway...Can you see? Can you see how beautiful the city is when the sun shines?
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