A helping hand: a valuable lesson

Sometimes its best to stand on your own foot. 
Everyone needs help sometimes.  Some may not admit it or realise it, but they do.  In the past it has been hard for me to admit I need help.  In fact, I never did.  I was a person who suffered in silence and just got on with things.  If I couldn't do something myself I would rather not do it than ask for help.  Silly I guess.  I was used to doing things alone and never relying on others.  
One day a few years back someone said to me 'I'm here for you.'  At first I was skeptical; and quite rightly so because I had been scarred in the past by people who uttered those same words.  It took me a while before I learned to ask for help from others.  I will admit it still burns me to have to do this sometimes, but I now see the bigger picture in asking for help.  Learning to do that has opened up a plethora of doors in my life.  Things I never knew could happen to me have happened.  Opportunities I did not think I could get, I have been able to accept.  All because I had the courage to stand up and say "I need help with this."  I AM PROUD OF MYSELF! 
In my opinion, there are two sides to asking for help.  On one hand there is the situation in which you ask for help with.  On the other hand it is whom you ask for help for.  Some people will help you and think nothing of it.  People will help you and expect a 'thank you' before and after.  Most people will only expect a thank you afterwards.  
There are also people who will help you for their own personal gain.  People who you can thank profusely but it will still not be enough to them! Some people will even use their help as a debt to hold something over you, or offer to help you then use it against you.  Others will continue to help when you ask, then say you took advantage.  
You get my drift?  Think about the type of people you are asking for help from.  Maybe, even think about whether you really need help.  We are human and it is natural to want to trust and feel safe with people.  Nevertheless, I its good to have your wits about you in these situations.  
Asking for help has been a learning curve for me.
What do you all think about a helping hand? Do you give as well as you receive?

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