The book that changed my life

The Celestine Prophecy
This is the book that changed my life.
Back in 2011, my life was a mere collection of broken glass fragments.  A good friend recommended I read The Celestine Prophecy.  I was kind of floating through a difficult time, wanting to change my life but not actually knowing how.  

My friend told me she had read this book in her teens and it had basically opened up her mind to the beauty - and mystery- of life; she learned a lot about herself from reading it.  Learning about myself was exactly what I needed to do (although I did not know it yet).  I think it was the next day that I went out and bought a copy of the book.

Now, I want to tell you what the book is about, however, please bear in mind that the synopsis I give you will not do it justice!  It is the story of a man who goes to Peru, in search of an ancient manuscript.  The man hears about this manuscript from a friend, during a time in his life where he is at a crossroads both professionally and personally.

What makes the book so brilliant is the journey you are taken on as this man discovers each insight to the manuscript.  It's special to me because of what I learned about life and myself.  I will add that it is cleverly written due to the narrative James Redfield has chosen...I'll let you figure out what that is! 

 You do not have to be at a certain point in your life to receive the messages of the book, although I do believe we are drawn to things when it is the right time for us to accept them.  As I finished it, I started to notice books in the same genre and moved onto things that helped me become more self aware.  My friend also made further recommendations- some of which I accepted, others were not for me. 

What is that saying? "When the student is ready the teacher will appear?" Something like that.  I know this to be true because I have given away many a copy of these books and I have understood those who have immediately dedicated themselves to reading, and others who I have continuously asked 'So how far have you got in the book?'  

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

Have you read The Celestine Prophecy?

*Do not keep the beauty of the book to yourself, once you have finished, pass it on to a friend.*


  1. to know that this book started you off on the path of sharing your wonderful ideas and knowledge with others is a beautiful thing!! you're a special person, Peachy! xx

    1. THANK YOU!! What an enlightening journey it has been/is. I appreciate you reading xxx


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