The Palm Tree.

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How did I get here?
I'm standing in a swamp of loneliness, with only the sounds of my lone heartbeat, contemplating where life wants to carry me next.  There are no road signs, no warnings of any kind, just me and my two Unicorn lovers.

Goodbye Mr. Past, I'm going to make Lemonade.

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The past always comes knocking...


We gravitate towards each other , before we even know why we have arrived. The universe puts us in the same place in order to provoke a reaction. We acted accordingly.  It was written.  Little did we know we had already lost.

Love is such a crazy thing

If you find your soulmate in life, hang on to them in whatever capacity you can.  But be realistic, you may desire them romantically, but life may have it that it doesn't work out that way.  Don't cut off your nose to spite your face.

The Dark

I feel like I'm here in the dark and you're somewhere bright and airy with my light switch...but you won't light up my room.

Moving Moments

"Nothing can ever be that funny," my boy remarks under his breath.  In the continuous flow of people walking by, one woman's howl at humour carries over the monotonous hum of the public's 

Seasons like this.

As the weather shifts from gloomy grey skies and dark afternoons, to long days and clear skies, it is blatantly obvious how everyone's mood switches to the epitome of happiness.  No one is exempt.

I'm all shades of black and white.

Although the Winter season is over, and the weather is less hormonal (debatable), the sun shines (sometimes), but still my despair lingers.  

The Descent of the Darkness

I am not myself. I am not currently who I thought I was.  I am evolving through a darkness.
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