Seasons like this.

As the weather shifts from gloomy grey skies and dark afternoons, to long days and clear skies, it is blatantly obvious how everyone's mood switches to the epitome of happiness.  No one is exempt.
Fresh, vibrant mornings scoop us out of bed and prepare us for what we already know will be a good day, for everything improves under the umbrella of sunlight.  People smile in greeting as you commute to your destination, tubes and buses no longer the cave of screw faces,but the carriage of joviality. Everyone else's face seems to mirror your inner contentment, so obviously the goodness has radiated through to the outside and become a part of your appearance right?  
During this time my joyous mood engulfs me like melted butter on hot waffles,  beaming at anyone and anything that crosses my path.  And as the warm sunshine hits my face I feel all my problems dissipate into another Universe.  Solutions to my dilemmas are also non-existent, however the point is that problems don't exist...who cares about the solutions?!  The cheerfulness grows from inside my bones and creates a new level of cheesy grin, that never, ever existed during the cold and rainy seasons.  I've never been so happy.  I practically skip through the grimy streets of the city, whilst singing "I love days like this" in my head as I rapidly search for some Sean Escoffery on Spotify.
The momentum swings with me all day long, through the testing situations and intricate tasks that arise; those that normally cause my blood to boil and expletives to form on on my tongue.  Not today- such events are water off a Unicorn's back; because the good weather impels impeccable patience (amazingly more so where it never was).  Lightweight and carefree I fly through the day giving 110 percent to life, loving life. 
On the way home I express silent gratitude over the flow of the day, not quiet understanding why things went so well and life feels so good.  The beauty of the sun that is.  What else gives us reason to be so grateful without actually knowing why?  Balmy temperatures are a source of magic that rains down on one and all, giving the most negative attitudes a face lift.   I put pen to paper and recall the good feelings from my day...wishing I could feel this good every day.  Maybe I can carry this over to the following days of my life...
Still, as you lay in bed after one of these days, you can only recount the positive motions of the day, not even considering what might have been better.  No regrets. Just good vibes and positive energy. Finally you realise how beautiful life is.

Much Love, EL x

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