42 Days Of Summer

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Displaying 20160508_163203_001.jpg
As I roll over to the other side of the bed to check the time, it dawns on me that I am not required to be anywhere today.
This is how summer begins.
Endless days of lay ins, proceeding jam-packed fun summer days, filled with laughter and photographs.  
Late breakfasts whilst watching cartoons, ample outfit-choosing time.
Loading up my trusty backpack with snacks and books.
Hours and hours of fun, outside. Chilled days in.
Board games, park trips and museum outings.
Eating sandwiches.  Licking lollies.  Sipping juice.
Soothing train journeys to Monopoly places.
Visits with friends of old, and new family members.
Extended snapchat stories, continuous streams of Instagram uploads.
And best of all, as the sun goes down, being content with the day's achievements.
Sweet dreams until the next day, when the adventure begins again.
Just me, and my little people.   

Much Love, EL x

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