Between You, the Moon and your Bed.

For, its a lonely place when you turn out the light.  The shadows seem to magnify under the radar of your limited night vision.  Sounds that you would never hear in the light, become ever so apparent.  The feeling of loneliness descends upon you like, oncoming traffic on the road at twilight.
As you lay in the dark eating your forbidden food stuffs, moon light flowing in, listening to your tunes, you contemplate the success of the day, and basically all the decisions you have ever made.  You thought you were ready to sleep, but your brain had other ideas.
Your 12 hour old make-up lingers offensively between your skin and the pillowcase, as you consider the song sampled from the one you're listening to.
"Come and talk to me, I really want to meet you.  Can I talk to you?  I really want to know you"
You swear you can recognise the beat.

It's going to be another long night.  Thoughts alive and kicking, thirst satisfied by glass upon glass of Ribena.  Headphones entangled under your armpits as you relive the other shoulder from pressure.   For once, disturbances from the street are void.  That's got to be something right?

Another night of neighbours banging and visitors visiting.  The cat creeps by the door waiting for acknowledgement, or at least an invitation, shortly followed by light scratching against the door frame, but no noise that can rise above the thud of your heart at the graveyard hour.

As the clock switches to 3am on the screen of your smart phone, the harsh electronic light bores into your tiny pupils, and in that moment you realise it's been a fair few hours since the light went out, and you did something productive.  The same old, 'how did I get here?' adage.

Boring your eyes into the night sky through the net curtains, it dawns on you that the sun comes up early these days.  You recall making a promise to God that you would rise before 10 in the morning.  In an attempt to shut the nosy moon out, you roll over and lay facing away from the window, with a pillow over your head.

It's time for bed.
Much Love, EL x

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