The Palm Tree.

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How did I get here?
I'm standing in a swamp of loneliness, with only the sounds of my lone heartbeat, contemplating where life wants to carry me next.  There are no road signs, no warnings of any kind, just me and my two Unicorn lovers.
They run around under the canopy of trees, taking turns to dive into the deaths of the murky confusion.  Trust them to make a playground out of the most undesirable place ever.  Their squeals of delight, and hearty laughter fill the air like a dense fog on the first day of winter.  Despite my being destitute of apparent happiness, I revel in the success of the obvious contentedness of my Unicorn lovers; an achievement.
I look down at my left foot and forcefully grab my gammy knee to lift my leg out of the sludge of motionless crap.  My right leg does the work on its own.  
"Come on, you two.  We're going!', I shout.
I trudge through, picking up the more beneficial pieces of my existence; my cruddy job (hey it pays), my suede ankle boots, collection of stuffed animals, bowl of crystals, and my writing notebook.  There is no room for the half eaten bag of marshmallows - shame, really.
Gathering up my things, I realise I have been standing here for no apparent reason, with no valid excuse.  It was merely that dodgy knee holding me still, I'm sure of it.  I'll get it seen to at some point, most likely after I purchase another family size bag of marshmallows.
The Unicorn lovers run up alongside me, possessions in hand, wearing smiles as large as Batman's Joker, bouncing around with excitement.  I know I don't have to, but I ask them if they're ready, just for dramatic effect.  They reply with big hugs and the loudest 'yes' you have ever heard.
The three of us turn to our immediate left, just in time to see a world map form out of the swamp of confusion.  My guardian angel throws down a shower of light from heaven, instantly illuminating our destination.  I close my eyes and mutter a prayer of gratitude.
As we walk off side by side in the direction of the sun, large straw hats and summer clothes materialise on our backs.  The palm tree tattoo on my thumb duplicates and engorges to full size, lining our path ahead.  The sludge of crap turns to a fine sand beneath our feet, and the heat beats down loudly upon us.  I drop my belongings and fall to my knees, whilst embracing my Unicorn lovers.  
We have arrived.

Much Love, EL x


  1. This is beautiful! Did you write it?

    Pinar |


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