Shiny Distractions

I was meant to buy toilet toll , but bought MAC make up instead.
People will respect you if you respect yourself. 
Be honest and true to yourself.  Do what you say you're going to do, if you say you're going to do it.
Only talk about things you have already done, before you speak on them.
How can anyone trust you when you don't represent what you say?  
Practice what you preach, don't let someone else spin your words on you.  
Be an example of your truth.  
Be an advert for the real you. 
You will send out mixed messages if your actions aren't inline with your words.  Your ideas turn to shit if you don't follow them on from their birth.
You'll be that guy that never achieved if you don't reset your words to match your ethic, or learn to keep your mouth closed.
Goals become daydreams, dreams become pipe dreams. all because you said a bagga stuff that you didn't really mean.
When you get gassed of the movements of others, and your plans are a myth, you start to talk all kinds of shit to fit in, and your dreams get left in a ditch.
There's no way you can achieve what you want whilst watching people.
There's no way you can ever get anywhere by mimicking what you think you see.
Instagram is the worst for this.
Instagram will have you thinking you're poor when you're rich.
If you cant learn to chill, then operate another way.
Put your head down, done the talking and let your movements speak for them self.
Put all your energy into yourself every day.
Because God sees who is really trying and who is just frontin'.
The world sees your success rate and what you've got to show for yourself.
The world sees what you're about minus the intention.
So remember its not just the action that's important, its the heart in it.
Put your heart in it.
Put your soul in it.
Put your all in it.
Reap the rewards from the years you were on it.
Cause lack of passion makes you one of the fronters on insta.
Them same fronters displaying to you this life of Riley.
Them same fronters making you think lifes always happy and shiny,
Think of your audience.
Think of your kids...
Before you put out some words that don't mean a thing.

el x

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