I know you.

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I have seen your face before.  Many times.  I have it on my phone, in my pocket.  It goes everywhere with me.  We’ve never spoken, but we’ve been up close and personal.  I think you’re amazing.

I know the colour of your eyes.  The thickness of your hair.  I’m familiar with the way you smile, and looking closer takes me to your laughter lines.  The depth of your eyebrows is apparent.  The freckles on your face are just prominent enough for me to glimpse.   In the summer they seem to multiply.

I have had time to figure out what it is that I like about you, what it is I’m attracted to.  Your eyes seem to look into mine.  Just mine.  Just my eyes, despite the other tens of girls that see you on a day to day basis.  The dimple in your left cheek gives a roguish appearance to your looks, but I like it.  The way your ears hang could be seen as a defect- I just think they’re cute. 

I know you’ll never see me but that’s actually part of the appeal in following you.  I follow you on every platform in every which way.  Instagram is my favourite because I get to zoom in on your face.  You shine bright on my timeline.  It’s a given now that my eyes will find your Instagram handle before I process anything else on my feed.  You don’t have a substantial amount of pictures so I regularly have a good look through your page.  I have a group of favourite photos; those ones are saved in a collection.  On Snapchat, I am treated to a selfie every morning.  Viewing your story when I get up has become a habit of mine when I pick up my phone.

It’s weird when I really consider it.  I know the name of your child, the area you live in, your habits, and what you do for a living.  The minor details that might evade others don’t get passed me; your tattoo sleeve design, that small scar on your collarbone.  You know absolutely nothing about me though.  I could probably see you in person if I really made an effort.  It wouldn’t be hard.  It wouldn’t be the craziest thing in the world.  You couldn’t really blame me when you put your information out there for all to see. 

Social media helps people to connect doesn’t it? Social media is for meeting people. 

Wait ‘till you meet me.
Much Love, EL x

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