Don't get on that roller coaster.

You're staring at your phone is disbelief at what your'e reading.  You knew he was a loser, yet it seems a part of you had hope because you're starting to feel wretched.

You had no idea what was going on, though deciding to walk through the theme park of  Nigel was an unconscious decision when the ticket fell into your lap.  Flabbergasted, you passed it from hand to hand like a hot potato until your cousin advised you to get a grip on the thing and mull it over.  There was no intention to buy anything or claim possession; you were just looking around, chilling on a bench, basking in the ambience, tryna feel the feels.

"There's no rush," you remind yourself as your thoughts threaten to take over.

The cool vibe is short lived when you pop the cherry of asking what his motives are.  You do not like the answer you get.  Even more so because days before he was on WhatsApp selling you dreams about fairy-tales and happily ever afters.  It seemed weird at the time but your wide angled vision 
didn't detect any skulduggery, and so you danced on.  The mood was light, the energy slyly sweet.  Your thoughts turn to him and it seems to work the other way round, because he speaks at the same time as you do.

His motives it seems are null and void.  The seed he dropped into your mind and started to water was a dud because as he reveals his answer it shrivels up and dies.  The stroll you were taking around the attractions are sabotaged with the taint of his familiar weak justifications.  Thank god you didn't board the rollercoaster.  Your eyes almost threaten to roll to the back of your head before you tell yourself not to bother because you've heard this b.s before.  Just for good measure he tries to throw some crap at your door to add insult to injury.  "You're basically perfect it's just you have tattoos on your hands and I don't know how my parents would feel."  Flip blame over and aim at the other side.  Amateur tactic.  No goal scored, weak attempt.  Mug.

So much time has passed and hes still on the same dead end path of life?  "Don't you want to grow up now bro?!" You scream at your phone.  The disbelief falls away and is replaced with resignation, because you actually have to go back to work for a meeting.  The earth will continue to move and the sun will continue to rise but you have decided to discontinue entering previously visited cheap ass theme parks, that reek of loser.

The Universe attempted to try you, and although you feel dipped in false hope you come to the understanding it was a fleeting sliver of what if and you have dodged his worthlessness like a badminton racket bashed shuttlecock.

Much Love, EL x

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