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Pure joy, happiness and satisfaction can be found in doughnuts. Doughnuts invoke the kind of feelings that ensure pure bliss.  Light dough, sugary thick filling, sticky topping and velvety like softness of each mouthful.  Jheeeeze!

Doughnuts have become a 'thing' in London recently.  So much so, that doughnut shops are located all over the city.  Gone are the days when you got gassed about custard doughnuts from Asda, now you can hit up a doughnut shop and pay top dollar for a gooey filled doughnut delight made up of the maddest flavours.  I regularly hit up Doughnut Time to experience the joy of their premium doughnuts.  Remember I said premium not posh.  I won't go into detail about their menu - I'm putting it out into the Universe that I wouldn't mind them gifting me doughnuts to review.

I can hear you all shouting "What about Krispy Kremes? They've been around for ages!" And you'd be right.  To be honest, they've never been my favourite...I think the price puts me off because they're so small.  My current record is 3 Krispy Kremes in one sitting,but I think I could manage 4.  Ill work on it and update you.

How's this for a story - 
I once carried around a 3 pack of Krispy Kreme glazed ring doughnuts for a friend, for like 15 hours.  Their glazed ones aren't my favourite but let's be honest a doughnut is a doughnut, and when they're the only ones in your possession, they suddenly look mad appealing. 
What got me through is thinking about giving them to my pal and watching him eat them.  When I get to him and give them over, his eyes light up and he says "Mmm I'm gonna save these for later, come with me to put them in the car."

Ugh. Pain. 

*This cheeky little post is dedicated to my buddy Dan who makes me giggle on a regular and crave doughnuts*

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